Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is AD FREE radio?
A: AD FREE means “AD FREE” will not program and or include any audio ads or banner advertising while you listen to your choice of music. You will receive 24/7 high-quality streaming music with zero interruptions

Q: What do I get as a pro member subscriber?
A: As a pro member subscriber you will receive the best benefits on the web, including superb music player, high quality user interface, ALL NEW social networking platform “the vibe”, enhanced search functions and the opportunity to participate in the ALL NEW member rewards points program giving you the chance to receive special offers, swag and much, much more

Q: What player features do I get as a pro member subscriber?
A: With the pro member version player you will receive high quality streaming, high quality album artwork, full artist description, song titles, crisp user interface and complete skip functions through song tracks and AD FREE

Q: What does a subscription involve?
A: subscriptions enable the user (once purchased) full access to ad free radio and internet usage, social network “the vibe” participation, upgraded player and newsletter specials and announcements as well as rewards program

Q: What is your privacy policy?
A: has a standard privacy policy and a set of terms and conditions that can be reviewed during the member registration process and before purchasing a subscription

Q: What type of “Terms and Conditions” do you have?
A: conforms and participates in standard “Terms & Conditions” with other additions which can be reviewed during the member registration process and before purchasing a subscription

Q: Who do I contact for customer support?
A: Once a subscriber you can use our LIVE online support feature (between the hours of 8am – 6pm EST) or our support ticket feature

Q: What computer requirements do I need to have to listen?
A: Our service and site best runs with Firefox 3.0 (or later), I.E. 7, 8. and Mac platforms. You must have the latest version of flash and be operating on a broadband connection, air card or local DSL service

Q: Do I need flash?
A: YES, the latest version of flash is recommended

Q: What version of Flash do I need?
A: The most recent and current version of Flash is recommended

Q: Do I need a broadband connection?
A: YES, A broadband connection is a must to stream the high quality music channels provided by and enjoy the enhanced feature set that the new members area provides

Q: Will the player work on a MAC?

Q: Can I forward a subscription to a friend?
A: NO, However, you can purchase a subscription for a friend through our online store or as a gift

Q: How long is my subscription for?
A: Your subscription is for 1 (one) year OR 1 (one) month depending on the subscription package you purchased and will expire on that day; you will be notified by our online notification service that your renewal date is approaching giving you the opportunity to renew online

Q: Can I transfer my subscription?
A: At this time subscription transfers are not accepted, in the future we may be offering that option after purchasing, please check back

Q: Can I purchase a subscription as a gift?
A: YES, please visit our online store or email us at

Q: Do you have a newsletter?
A: YES, as a preferred member you will receive our newsletter with articles, featured artists, and newly added music for you to explore and other specials only available to subscribers

Q: Can I stream pro version through my home stereo or TV?
A: YES, you can hook your desktop or laptop to a home stereo or you can access through the Sony PS3 or Xbox 360 search internet functions

Q: Does have a widget or Desktop Widget
A: YES, we will be making available both for future use with a subscription as well as an “AD FREE” I-phone application and other mobile devices

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